The Story

Claim Your Destiny!

In the distant future, humanity has spread all the way out to the farthest corners of the solar system. Augmented by advanced tech, biologically perfected, and nearly immortal, humanity has nowhere else to go. No peak remains unsurmounted, no chasm unexplored, but the vast ocean of space separating solar systems of the galaxy bar them from seeding life throughout the cosmos. At the absolute peak of their might, humans are at their most powerless to apply themselves to anything meaningful. For centuries, humanity lingered in their luxuries, carefree, living in the shadow of past glories.

But humanity does not have eternity at its disposal. The sun has entered its final stage and will soon explode. Whether it’s the tech experimentation or something else that caused it - humanity has no solution for it. The merciless law of entropy draws close for a mercy kill.

Then, a most unexpected breakthrough happens and one unremarkable corporation stumbles upon a revolutionary discovery. Their research uncovers gating technology, circumventing limitations imposed by laws of physics. The gates to endless solar systems have finally burst open, in the nick of time.

But the endless centuries of privileges and carefree existence has dulled humanity’s edge. The challenges of the galaxy, including the possibility of encountering advanced alien species, will only be overcome by those individuals who can reawaken in themselves the fire that once burned in the hearts and minds of humans and drove them to conquer the world and then the solar system.

The moon Titan has been selected as the ideal staging ground for the prototype technology. There, the project Titanborn is the crucible of a new humanity. In the space-city Lazarus, dubbed the City of Trials, the most daring humans strive to enact the motto of Lazarus corp.: human potential - unleashed.

They tirelessly test the mettle and resilience of those seeking to leave their mark on the cosmos and write the first chapter of galactic history. The Titanborn trials are a series of rigorous challenges aimed at selecting the most exceptional candidates to pioneer humanity's path among the stars. Candidates must endure survival tests in Titan's harsh environment, demonstrate their ability to innovate and utilize advanced technology, and navigate ethical dilemmas in simulated encounters with alien species. Physical and mental endurance are tested to assess their performance under pressure and in zero-gravity settings. An intellectual competition evaluates their diverse knowledge base, ensuring they can contribute effectively to future interstellar endeavors. The trials seek not only skill but also the rekindling of humanity's spirit of exploration, passion, and purpose.

However, feeling that tests are a weak shadow of a real challenge where one’s survival and the whole mission is at stake, the controversial board of Lazarus corp. established one final phase of the trials - the Titanborn test. Those candidates who pass all the other stages must match all their might against one another so that only truly the best come out on top and ensure humanity’s survival. While some see this move as unnecessary and cruel, the secretive and all powerful board of the Lazarus corp. holds the view that humanity has been coddled for far too long and must be purged of all weakness. With everything at stake, there is little choice for humanity but to follow this strange and ruthless vision in hopes of ensuring its survival.

The invitation is extended to candidates from all walks of life. Anyone drawn by the allure of adventure, fortune, and the chance to become a pioneer in the next chapter of human history is welcome to try their hand at the Titanborn final trial.

Only the most exceptional candidates will emerge from the Titanborn trials, destined to pioneer humanity's path among the stars. For your sake, and humanity’s, let us hope you are one of the worthy ones.

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