Digital collectibles

The TitanBorn game is powered by a wide range of digital collectibles, including NFTs. There are three types of them:

  • Games Passes

  • Items

  • Character

Game Passes are the main NFTs needed to unlock weekly and monthly tasks, as well as join the Autobattler mode. You also need them to gear up your character with items. Game Passes are non-transferable and are exceptionally needed to improve the gameplay options for the player.

Items improve your character's stats to make them stronger and win more battles. There are the following types:

  • Weapons - they improve the attack of a character.

  • Armor - improves the defense of a character.

  • Augmentations - special items, that can improve the health of a character, or provide other abilities, like life regeneration, etc. To use augmentations a user needs to buy a chip and insert it in the Weapon or Armor item.

Loot Crates are not NFTs, but they vary in rarities and contain different items, that are also off-chain, but can be minted optionally.

  • Basic Loot Crate - contains one random item of a common or rare rarity.

  • Armor Crate - contains 1 random armor item of a common to epic rarity.

  • Weapon Crate - contains 1 random weapon item of a common to epic rarity.

  • Epic crate - contains 1 random item from rare to legendary rarity.

Character is a special NFT with various utilities that can boost in-game performance and affect gameplay in certain ways. Can be minted once you've reached Level 100. Which is HARD!

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