Gameplay features

Several features like leveling up a character, leaderboard, and others are built around the initial gameplay to make the game a lot more fun and engage players to come back to the game every day.

Leveling up a character - each character can level up by receiving Experience Points (XP) via playing in PvE Towers mode. The goal of each player is to reach Level 100 with their character to get access to the most interesting PvP auto battler and No Mercy modes.

When players reach Level 100, they can mint their character as an NFT.

PvP Leaderboard is another form of progression through the TitanBorn gameplay. To advance in the PvP leaderboard, a player should win games in the Autobattler or No Mercy mode to receive Win Points, climb the leaderboard thriving to reach the top position and receive monthly rewards.

Stamina points (energy) are a valuable resource given to players daily to allow them to join Autobattler mode. The energy points do not accumulate, and unused points are burnt at the end of the day. You can also buy stamina points with the help of premium game currency - the $TBORN token.

Basic in-game currency - Credits. With Credits, you can buy basic-level loot crates and special chips needed to enhance the character NFTs with augmentations. Credits are also required to “merge” lower-tier NFTs to get an NFT of a higher rank with better abilities.

Regular Tasks - these are regular quests players can complete daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Tasks are simple. For example: finish 3 Towers in a day. The reward for Daily tasks is Credits, the basic in-game currency.

Weekly tasks are harder to accomplish, but the reward is better - you get a basic loot crate if you complete it! For example, one of the tasks will be to win five auto battler games in a row. Accessible only with a Game Pass.

Monthly tasks are the ones with the most reward - 3 regular loot crates, one of each type, and a bunch of premium in-game currency - the $TBORN token. As well are accessible with Game NFT Pass.

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