How do players earn $TBORN?

At TitanBorn, we understand that adding earning incentives can enhance an already exciting gaming experience. Our game will provide you multiple opportunities to earn $TBORNthrough sheer skill or luck.

Here are some ways to earn $TBORN by demonstrating your talent as a player.

  • During seasonal gameplay, the top players will earn a one-time reward at the end of the season.

  • If you have made your character reach the maximum level and are among the top players on the leaderboard, you will earn monthly rewards as long as you maintain your rank among the elite.

  • Demonstrate your worth and crush other players in PVP autobattles.

  • If you reach the top of the leaderboards in PVP mode and max out your character, you can stake your character to receive additional rewards. The character can also be minted and sold.

You can also earn rewards from the aforementioned regular tasks, which occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and allow you to earn $TBORN and loot crates. Lucky players may find a valuable item in a loot box or receive a rare item after completing a mission, which they can then choose to preserve as a digital collectible and sell in the Revenant Marketplace. Weapons will have different rarities, so as you complete various missions, you can obtain rare items, including weapons or armor, with varying rarity levels.

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