In TitanBorn, every battle is a new adventure. You can go head-to-head with other players in our Player versus Player (PvP) mode or take on the game itself in our Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. Each mode offers unique challenges and rewards, ensuring no two battles are identical.

Play the TitanBorn demo to get an understanding of what the gameplay will entail.

Player versus player (PVP)

PvP gameplay consists of the following modes:

  • Traditional PvP

  • PvP Autobattler

  • PvP Autobattler with wagering

  • PvP custom match (rooms)

Before each match starts, players can choose the outlook and gear set for the character to play with his favorite visual and fighting style.

Traditional PvP mode with random matchmaking allows players to have fun and practice fighting skills without requiring stamina or NFTs. Free for all!

In PvP Autobattler, our know-how for arcade fighting games solves a traditional problem for online fighting games. It eliminates the ping and lag issue players usually experience in traditional PvP mode, thus making it unusable for online tournaments or providing rewards for players.

Our PvP Autobattler mode works this way: before the match, players choose not only the outlook and style of the character but also gear them up with the best NFT items to make the character stronger and give it more chances to win. After making the choices, the two opponents automatically battle to ensure fair competition!

Each win in Autobattler rewards a player with Victory Points that help him advance in a monthly leaderboard.

To play in the Autobattler, a player must have a Character leveled up to level 100 and have a Game Pass NFT. Each Autobattler game costs Stamina (Energy points) to play.

PvP Autobattler wagering mode is similar to the previous Autobattler mode but with an option to wager $TITANS (the premium in-game currency) tokens on your own win to have a chance to earn more premium tokens.

The PvP custom match mode is for playing with friends or joining tournaments. This room system allows you to create a “private” space where your friend or assigned opponent can join the fight with you.

Player versus environment (PVE)

There are two main modes here:

  • Practice mode against AI

  • Towers mode

Practice against AI mode is the same as traditional PvP mode, but you play against the computer. This is fantastic for improving your gameplay skills and training new combos! This mode is limitless and requires no NFTs or in-game currencies. Just play for fun and to practice.

Towers mode is the primary gameplay mode where players compete against computer-controlled opponents one after another. For example, you must beat 8 AI opponents in a row to complete the tower. Each completed tower rewards a player with XP points that level up the player's character and also grants basic loot crate in the end.

There are 2 types of towers - normal, described above, and a Mega Tower with special too-hard to beat bosses. The Mega tower gives rewards in token.

RewardsDigital collectibles

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